With competitive prices and honest service we are one of the best places to sell gold around the Chicago area. We accept walk-ins or you can make an appointment to sell your coins, paper money, gold, silver, estate jewelry, platinum, stamps, or/and diamonds!

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We buy all forms of gold

We buy yellow, white, and rose gold, wedding bands, engagement rings, class rings, + cocktail rings, including rings with gemstones and diamonds, or with stones removed. We buy broken gold single earrings, gold bracelets, dental gold, necklaces and any gold jewelry that is no longer fashionable. tiffany gold, We buy 9k, 10k, 14k, or 18k gold, vintage gold watches, diamonds and gold in watches, & david yurman gold. Like I said We buy all forms of gold.

Collectible Coins

US Collectible Coins, Whole collections, Collectible US Paper Money, US Proof & Mint Sets, St Gauden Gold Coins, 2 Cent Piece, buffalo Nickel, Wheat Pennys, Trade Dollar, capped bust quarter, Carson City morgan Dollar, Silver 3 cents, PCGS coins, error coins, silver and gold coins, investment coins, commemorative coins, old coins. I could go on for pages… We buy all types of collectible coins & paper money. Very close to Chicago, but no parking tickets.

We buy all forms of Silver.

We buy .925 silver or sterling silver, silver wedding bands, silver engagement rings, silver class rings, tiffany silver and silver david yurman rings, including rings with gemstones and diamonds, or with stones removed. We buy broken silver single earrings, dented silver bracelets, dental gold, Flatware, necklace and any silver jewelry that is no longer wearable. Silver trophies vintage silver, silver watches, We silver trophies, Mexican silver. Like I said We buy all forms of silver.

Sell your gold items at the best and most reliable place in Chicago area (OC&C)

Selling gold to a trusted and reliable jeweler or a buyer is not easy. It is difficult to find the right person to sell gold to, who will give you the true value of your belonging. If you are in a quick need of cash, then selling gold jewelry or gold coins is a good option. The value of gold fluctuates time and again. It is important that you keep updated with the latest rate of gold.

This is a guide that will help you sell gold in the Chicago area. …… Make sure that you check the market price of gold. Do not keep the expectation to receive the same amount for which you bought it for. The purchaser will obviously be making a profit but you are likely going to get cash that almost worth its value.

It is important to find the right dealer when selling gold. A reputable, trustworthy and reliable dealer is what you should be looking for. You can ask your friends and family for their suggestions. Checking online websites can also help. Besides that, you can always go to jewelry shops and talk to them. Sell Gold & Coins Chicago (OC&C) is a recognized and reputable company which you can safely, sell gold. With this company, you are likely to be offered a price more than any other store in Chicago. It is one of the best places in Chicago where you can sell your gold jewelry or coins, as is evident from the positive reviews.

The benefits of selling gold at Sell Gold & Coins Chicago (OC&C)
With Sell Gold & Coins Chicago (OC&C), you can get a 80%+ value on your gold if it is not from a high worth brand. It is a pretty impressive offer. If it is from an jewelry brand like Cartier or Tiffany, the worth will increase as the expert jewelers value the worth of gold and your money. For a profitable and fair transaction to occur, an experience and observant jeweler is required. You can be rest assured that you will be offered the best price on your item. The transaction will be mutually beneficial and this is specifically done to build a long-term relation of trust and faith between the company and the customers.

The expert staff of Sell Gold & Coins Chicago (OC&C) has a keen eye and can identify the true value of metal. Whether you are an amateur or an expert yourself, he company will cater to your needs and satisfy them by offering you a reasonable price, which will most certainly be higher than an offer from any other place.

Phone number (847) 213-0507