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If you happen to possess a collection of paper currency in the Chicago area, it might be the perfect time to contemplate selling. By doing so, you’ll not only free up space but also earn some extra cash, all while enjoying a fun and rewarding experience. Don’t let your valuable collectibles go to waste—take the opportunity to sell them today!

When it comes to appraising your currency collection, we offer free appraisals and paper currency grading services for all types of U.S. currency that we assess for potential purchase. At Oakton Coins & Collectibles, we employ various information sources, such as the Certified Currency Dealer Newsletter (commonly known as the Green Sheet), recent auction sales, and population reports, to determine the value of your notes.

We are interested in purchasing both graded collections by CGA, CGC, PMG, and PCGS Currency, as well as non-graded or “raw” collections. Furthermore, if you desire, we can facilitate the submission of your notes for grading, whether for your personal collection or as a preliminary step before purchasing your paper money. This approach ensures that you receive the highest possible price for your U.S. currency.

In terms of grading services available in to Chicago, we offer Currency Grading Authentication, PCGS Banknote, Legacy Currency Grading, and Paper Money Grading (PMG).

Oakton Coins & Collectibles specializes in buying U.S. paper currency of all types in the Chicago area. This includes legal tender notes, also known as United States Notes, which were issued in denominations ranging from $1 to $1000. The large size Legal Tender Notes, with their intricate and fascinating designs, have garnered significant interest from collectors and have acquired interesting nicknames like the “Rainbow” ($10 Legal Tender – Series 1869), “Bison” ($10 Legal Tender – Series 1901), “Woodchopper” ($5 Legal Tender – Series 1907), and “Sawhorse Back” ($1 Legal Tender – Series 1917).

Additionally, we are interested in acquiring Fractional Currency (1862-1876), National Bank Notes (1863-1938), Gold Certificates (1878-1965), Silver Certificates (1878-1965), Treasury Notes (1890-1899), Federal Reserve Notes (1914-Present), Federal Reserve Bank Notes (1915-1945), Large Size US Notes, Colonial Currency, Obsolete Notes (issued by private banks in the 1880s), Confederate States of America notes, Small Size US Notes, and Error Notes.

We invite you to take advantage of our services and explore the potential value of your paper currency collection. Contact us today to get started!

The item being presented is a $1 Hawaii WWII high-grade brown seal SILVER certificate banknote from the year 1935. This particular banknote belongs to a series of currency notes known as Hawaii overprint notes, which were issued as an emergency measure during World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The purpose behind these overprints was to provide a simple means of differentiating American currency in case it fell into the hands of Japanese forces during a potential invasion of Hawaii, rendering the captured bills worthless.