Local Chicago-area jewelry buyer Oakton Coins buys all forms of gold. 

Located right on the Chicago border, Oakton Coins is a smart place to sell your gold. We are determined to make your experience with us as easy and efficient as possible. We have a certified gold assay x-ray tester that tests the metal’s exact purity down to the molecular level, at which point we’ll offer you a price with which you’re sure to be content. We assure you that coming to us will be well worth your time because we have much lower overhead than downtown Chicago gold-buying shops. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (847) 213-0507. We’re only a few minutes’ drive from Chicago! So come on in and get your valuables appraised for free.


We work with precious jewelry metals, so we test the metal in a series of processes. The best way to evaluate your items is to bring them into our location; that way, we can accurately test each piece. During the process, we’ll give you the knowledge you need to sell your precious metal for the right price. Our staff has the most hands-on training and experience in the industry to determine whether or not your jewelry has value.

We pay way more than our competitors in the Chicago area, mainly because we use all purchased jewelry components firsthand. We have a completely different perspective when it comes to purchasing valuable items like diamond jewelry, coins, and flatware. Buying your quality diamonds and precious metals allows us to conduct a jewelry-recycling process. One of our goals is to limit as much waste as possible. Here at our location, we accept all kinds of gold, no matter what condition it is in. We welcome scrap gold, junk gold, and broken gold such as broken rings or other jewelry. We also buy scrap gold necklaces and bracelets, earrings, designer jewelry, jewelry sold at boutiques and shops, gold lighters, gold class rings, gold pocket watches, fragment gold watches, gold cufflinks in all shapes and sizes, dental gold, and so much more! We buy other metals as well and are willing to examine anything you bring in and determine whether we can give you any money for it. Even if your item is not 100% gold, we are often willing to purchase it after researching how much gold it contains. Sell scrap gold in all shapes and sizes at our Chicago-area location.

If you’re looking to sell your gold in the Chicagoland area, you may be wondering which location is more convenient: Skokie or Chicago. While both cities have their share of gold buyers, there are several reasons why selling gold in Skokie may be more convenient than selling it in Chicago.

  1. Access to major highways: Skokie is located near several major highways, including the Edens Expressway and the I-94, which makes it easy to get to and from the city. This means you can quickly and easily make your way to a gold buyer in Skokie without having to navigate the traffic congestion and parking challenges of downtown Chicago.
  2. More parking options: Parking in Chicago can be challenging, especially in areas with high foot traffic like the Loop or River North. Skokie, on the other hand, has more parking options available.
  3. Less crowded: While Chicago is a bustling metropolis with millions of residents and visitors, Skokie is a smaller suburb with a quieter, more relaxed vibe. This means that you may experience less wait times and crowds when selling your gold in Skokie, as compared to busier locations in Chicago.
  4. Local businesses: Skokie is home to many locally-owned and operated businesses, including Oakton Coins. Supporting local businesses not only supports the local economy but also fosters a stronger sense of community.

Overall, selling your gold in Skokie can be a more convenient and hassle-free experience than selling it in downtown Chicago. With easier access to major highways, more parking options, less crowded locations, and the opportunity to support local businesses, Skokie is a great choice for those looking to sell their gold in the Chicagoland area.