What we Sell Chicago – jewelry coins, paper money, all forms of gold & silver, estate jewelry, platinum, stamps, diamonds, and more…..

What We Sell 

In short, we sell stores of wealth. In the current age we have many forms of wealth: electronic stocks, fiat money, land (a deed from a government). All have their place, but when you want real tangible assets, the kind that are really yours, you invest with us.

Collector Coins and Supplies 
We have a wide in-shop selection of varying collector-grade coins and paper money. Stock changes daily from 2000 year old foreign coins, to recent US Mint errors and everything in between.

We sell gold for investors who want a store of wealth that is not based on the current fiat banking credit system. The most popular forms are Krugerrands, or American Eagle one ounce coins. But we can get any size or amount you need, usually within 24 hours if not in stock. (An out of stock order will require at least 50% down). Call us to ask about current prices.

Similar to gold but less expensive for the same amount. Silver can be purchased in one ounce increments to 100 oz bars. Call us to ask about current prices.

It’s difficult to describe because things we have never thought of come in all the time. Special things (antiques) we keep for resale. Its worth checking out the coin shop in person.



Do you buy all forms gold? even my old broken jewelry?
Yes, we buy all forms of gold, silver and platinum. It can be ugly, old, or broken. It does not matter to us.
Should I clean my dirty coins before selling them?

No, never try to clean a coin, no matter how dirty or ugly it looks. Cleaning damages the coin.

Are old coins rare?

Some are rare, some are not. Just about everything is common. If you think about it, that’s what makes rare stuff rare — the definition of “rare” is… “most things aren’t”. Just because you don’t see Buffalo nickels in your pocket change every day, that doesn’t make them rare — every coin dealer in the country probably has tons of them. For most of the older types of coins, there are usually at least a few “key dates” (worth more), while all the rest will be common dates for that type of coin.

Are all old coins worth a lot of money?

Age does NOT make something rare or valuable! If that were true, rocks and trees would be worth a fortune, and we’d all be rich. However, while that’s generally a true statement, there’s always an exception. If a coin is extremely old, even if it’s a common date for the kind of coin that it is, the value can rise significantly if it’s in mint or near-mint condition. Just remember that for most coins, especially the more modern stuff, they’ll still be very common even in brand new, mint condition.

I found a gold dollar in my change. What’s it worth?
If your “gold coin” looks like this…..

not gold

It is not gold and it is worth a dollar. Spend it. If it is not a Presidential or Sacagawea dollar maybe you did find gold. Come visit us during business hours and we will give you free appraisal.

I found a quarter that says 1776 on it, is worth anything?
If it looks like this…..

not gold

It is United States Bicentennial Coinage, it’s worth a quarter spend it (it’s not from 1776).

I have a bunch of Eisenhower Dollars (beau dollars) what are they worth?
Generally, Eisenhower Dollars are worth one dollar…..

not gold

however, the US Mint did make some special silver collector’s issues. If you look on the side of the coin and it has a copper/clad band, it is worth a dollar. If it has no copper band, then you may have a silver one.

Are my Hummel figurines worth a lot of money?
China, plates, Hummels, ceramics, porcelain, … look pretty…. but are not often worth a lot of money. Things of this sort are usually worth just a couple dollars to us.
Will you buy my foreign coins, even if they are not silver or gold?
Yes, we generally buy them by the pound. We pay $3/lb for foreign base metal coins. Basically everyone has some foreign base metal (not silver or gold) coins laying around. The banks do not accept coins for exchange value.
Why do gold and silver ounces cost more than the spot price I see on tv (or wherever)?
Generally, the price you see for gold is based on one futures contract for gold, that futures contract theoretically controls 100 troy ounces, or one brick of gold (1,000 oz for silver). So if you want that price, you need to open a futures account with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and buy the 100 oz of gold or 1,000 oz of silver for future delivery. Paper cash is not accepted. Ironically, you might never actually get physical delivery. Many gold and silver contracts are settled for (digital) cash, whether you like it or not.

Think of the spot price of gold as a guide correlated with the physical product. Sort of the way the price of oil is loosely tied to what you actually pay at the pump. Many factors make up the premiums on physical gold and these factors constantly change. The spot price is just one of them.

Do you report customers buying and selling to the IRS?
Coin shops work on the same rules as banks. When cash transactions take place that equal over 10,000 dollars in a given period, we are required to file a currency transaction report (CTR).
Do you do consignments?
Yes, we also do consignments, & can help with whole estate liquidations / clean outs.
Can I get a loan?
We are not a pawn shop, so no loans. No electronics, car radios, furniture, or catalytic converters (that’s junk yard stuff).
How old do I have to be to sell to Oakton Coins?
You must be over 18 to sell to us, and must produce valid identification.
Do you pay more than scrap prices for jewelry?
Yes, sometimes if it’s fashionable (resellable). Designer names help a lot: Tiffany & Co., Georg Jensen, Gucci, David Yurman, etc.
Do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment needed during normal business hours. Call and make an appointment if the regular hours are inconvenient for you.
Do you charge for appraisals.

Verbal appraisals are free.

Written appraisals are $20 (refundable with sale of appraised item).

Insurance (inflated) appraisals are $40 an hour with a minimum of $20.

Do you buy ivory?
No. Although it might be technically legal to buy antique ivory pieces, due to to political pressures from the U.S., Europe, & now China, it has virtually no resale value anymore. So no ivory – its time has passed.
What do you buy besides, coins, paper money, gold and silver?
Lots of things: diamonds, gems, comic books (1960s and before), baseball cards (1960s and before), Star Wars toys (1980s and before), meteorites, stamp collections, pocket watches, and more. If you have something interesting to sell but it’s not for us, we can direct you to a potential buyer.
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