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Chicago Jewelry Trends + SELL GOLD & SILVER – Oakton Coins & Collectibles

These days everybody is trying to get in on the We Buy Gold act. In Chicago gold buying has reached a fevered pitch with customers going from Chicago store to store looking for the best gold and diamond prices.

In Chicago, many customers have decided to get the very best gold and diamond prices, they travel from Chicago to Evanston and Oakton Coins & Collectibles, whose been buying gold and diamonds for over 40 years.

Here the Chicago customers are finding that there gold and diamonds and estate jewelry are bring equal to Wilmette prices and in most cases significantly more.

Chicago is a beautiful lake side community, but these days many shoppers are taking their gold, diamonds, estate jewelry to Oakton Coins & Collectibles, and Oakton Coins & Collectibles can pay top prices to Chicago customers because they refine the gold themselves and reuse it.

Next time your in Chicago with you gold, diamonds and estate jewelry, try going to Oakton Coins & Collectibles for best prices, we are just a few miles from Chicago, and your gold, diamonds and estate jewelry will bring so much more at Oakton than in Chicago because of our ability to refine the gold and silver.

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